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The registration process for teams from outside the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong SAR, and Macao SAR is as follows:

(1) Download the registration form and fill in the registration information. Registration form can be found in the attachment.

(2) Send the registration form to contest@csiam.org.cn. The registration will be successful after receiving the email reply with the team number.


a. Please register by email before the deadline specified on this website (usually two days before the start of the competition) (Only applicable to participants from outside the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong SAR, and Macao SAR).

b. A team consists of up to three undergraduate students supervised by up to one advisor (optional). All team members must be from the same institution.

c. Please fill in your valid email address, which will be used to receive your electronic participation certificate after the contest.

d. At any time before the registration deadline, you can update your team's registration information according to the same registration process. Please Indicate "team number + registration update" in the email title. The update succeeds after receiving an email reply.

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